Now COVID treatment available from the comfort of your home. Connecting Patients
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The most comprehensive School health programme. Healthcare,
as important
as Education.
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A Corporate health programme for employees & their families. Building A
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Digital SMART clinics, Telemedicine, Virtual clinics, COVID Care Solutions using IoT devices, AI and ML seamlessly connecting patients with Doctors. Medical Solutions
For The Digital Age
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About us

Healpha seeks to improve the ability to manage every individual's health and wellbeing. It enables comprehensive management of connected healthcare devices via a smartphone companion app.


Develop innovative healthcare solutions to provide people centric holistic healthcare, accessible and affordable to all, anywhere, anytime.


Develop innovative health solutions thru digital transformation.
Provide people centric healthcare, accessible and affordable to all where the health records and care options are in the hands of the people.
Holistic health lifecycle management encompassing Preventive, Curative & Managed healthcare, with focus on pro-active and primary care with better outcomes at lower costs.

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A professional & friendly care provider

Under dedicated leadership and strong management, Healpha has evolved as a reliable source through its apps, providing the highest quality standards of medical treatment to all sections of society.

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