Digital clinics are the latest state of the using IoT, PoC,
AI ML seamlessly connecting Patients with Doctors.
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Digital clinics are the latest state of the using loT, PoC, Al ML seamlessly connecting Patients with Doctors.

It is designed to assist the Doctors to access the patient's history and the patient's progress. The modern use of technology has made all the necessary data to be available at the fingertips of doctors. It improves the productivity rate of doctors and reduces costs of the patients.

How Does a Digital Smart Clinic Work?

Healpha remotely connects the patient to the doctor using Tele-consultation or Connected healthcare devices in the clinic. It’s a user friendly, secure and easy to use clinic & patient management system.


  • Voice to text Digital
  •  SOAP standards
  •  Tele-consultation
  •  COVID remote Homecare
  •  IoT devices options

Touch-less OPD

  • QR check-in
  • Digital Payments
  • Digital connected devices

EHR- Electronic Health

  • ePrescription
  • eReports
  • Digitize Manual prescription


  • Eazy Web, App, Tel, Walk-
    in appointments
  • Omni Digital payments
  • Health Forums

How we help doctors

  • Free online presence – micro webpage on Healpha, Facebook
  • Multi-channel appointments (web, app, Tele, Vurtual, walk-in)
  • Digital payments – Debit / Credit card, UPI, Wallet etc
  • Connected Devices – IoT and PoC devices
  • Easy voice-based prescription
  • In-built Tele-Consultation
  • In-built COVID Management
  • EHR – Electronic Health Records
  • Mini CRM
  • Engage with patients – Forums, SMS, email
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Healpha Digital Platform Is Enabled With Advantageous Features:


Digital Cloud Clinics




Artificial Intelligence



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