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Each year, close to 60,000 deep sea merchant marine vessels operates worldwide, carrying between 1.2 to 1.5 million seafarers. According to the International Maritime Health journal, 1 in 5 ships are forced to divert course for medical reasons, at an average cost of $180,000 per diversion and a total cost of $760m / per year to the industry.

Further research has found that at least 20% ($168m ) of the cases aren’t critical to warrant a diversion or helicopter evacuations and could easily be avoided by using modern on-board telemedical equipment.

Healpha’s telemedicine kit for ships offers a comprehensive solution for care professionals and first responders to capture, store and transmit patient’s vital signs data to medical specialists for further consultation.

This ability to share vital signs data in real time will allow the doctor to make an informed decision as to whether the ship needs to be diverted or the patient is well enough for the vessel to continue on its voyage and receive further treatment in the next port of call.

Healpha’s solutions can be used on Off-shore rigs, Aeroplanes, Railways, Expedition etc.

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