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The importance of self-care is paramount. Skin is a vital part of the human body. It is essential to take proper care of your skin in order to keep it healthy and glowing. However, the human skin is also prone to breaking out, cracking, developing acne and producing oil very soon. These signs and symptoms are caused by various factors such as dust, pollution, less water intake, etc. If you’re such conditions, you must immediately consider dermatology consultation.

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Here’s how online dermatology consultation will come to your rescue:

Convenient appointments

Medical issues aren’t pre-planned. Isn’t it? Hence, appointments can’t be made in advance. Online consultation leverages you with instant and convenient appointments over a phone call. You can directly connect to your dermat as well. This saves you plenty of travelling time, efforts and money required to visit a dermat in person.

Location no bar

Dermatological issues can hit you literally at any time! Say, you’re out on a vacation with your family to a different city and the weather of that place doesn’t suit you. As a result, your skin starts reacting abruptly. What do you do? You consult a dermatologist online, discuss your symptoms and start with the prescribed medication immediately. Tele-consultation provides you an upper edge when it comes to visiting a doctor remotely.

Discretion and data security

A common concern that patients raise while considering tele-consultation is that of data security. Since they aren’t visiting doctors in person, they find it difficult to trust the online process with privacy matters. But, you need not worry! The websites and apps of online dermatologists are safe and secure. It is guaranteed that a patient’s personal information and photos will be kept private.

24*7 assistance availability

Online dermatologist doctor consultation is for immediate assistance to skin problems. Experienced dermats are just a few clicks away. You don’t have to wait in long queues for getting and appointment. You also don’t have to spare your time as per the doctor’s visiting hours. With experts to remedy your skincare woes, tele-medicine offers 24*7 assistance availability. Additionally, they save time on maintaining a file with countless number of papers. Along with security, online records also ease out the file maintenance process for patients.

No need to visit drugstores

In the tele-health era where you can visit doctors online, you can also get medicines delivered to your doorstep. Your dermatologist can send your online prescription to your nearest pharmacy. Online service providers can then deliver the medicines to your doorstep.

With Healpha, you can consult dermatologists online from the comfort of your home. Dr. Lanka Padmavathy [PhD, Annamalai University (2000)] is available round-the-clock at your service. Experienced skin specialists will prescribe you the best medication for healing your skin-related woes.

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