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The human ear, nose and throat are very intricately connected. More often than not, if any one of these organs faces an issue, it is quite likely that the other two will also be slightly affected. Each organ in our body is minute, delicate and needs proper treatment. ENT specialists treat symptoms related to these three specific organs such as a sore throat, running nose or plugged ears. They treat both children and adults for these conditions and likes.

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With technology speedily merging with medical practices, online ENT consultation comes in very handy at your disposal.  Let’s have a look at the various health conditions treated by ENTs online.

Ear conditions

Earaches and ear infections

Earaches can be caused due to ears clogged by ear wax. Prolonged exposure to loud noises can also trigger these aches. On the other hand, infections in the ear may be caused by bacteria or viruses.

Dizziness and motion sickness

Inner ear disturbance, poor blood circulation or a previous injury might lead to motion sickness. Dizziness makes you feel a sense of imbalance. This condition is generally triggered by migraine or Meniere’s disease (a condition that arises due to excessive fluid build-up in the inner ear).

Disorders of the outer and inner ear

Such disorders can be caused as a result of ageing or continuous exposure to loud noise over a substantial period. An ENT online consultation is the best remedy to treat such conditions on an urgent basis.

Nose conditions


The most common triggering factors behind this condition are common cold, nasal & seasonal allergies and polyps (growths). A weak immune system might aggravate untreated sinusitis.


Extremely hot and low humidity climates are likely to cause nose bleeds. The main reason behind this health condition is dry air. The tissue inside your nose is very delicate. If the environment has less moisture, the nasal membrane becomes crusty or cracked and results in nosebleeds.


Snoring and sleep apnea

These health conditions occur when your breathing is repeatedly interrupted during sleep. Lack of oxygen during sleep is one of the major factors behind loud snores! Frequent snoring & snorting during the night and daytime sleepiness & fatigue contribute to the many symptoms of this health condition.

Injuries to the nose

Nasal injuries can result from physical fights, falls or motor vehicle accidents. Obstruction caused by a foreign object can cause irritation or injuries on the inside of the nose. Consulting ENT doctor online will prove as a first aid for injuries like these.

Throat conditions


Tonsillitis is generally caused by viral or bacterial infections. Tonsils are your immune system’s first line of defence against bacteria and viruses from entering your mouth. If not given timely treatment, tonsillitis can also spread deep into the surrounding throat tissues.

Sore throat

Seasonal changes are the most common causes triggering sore throats. Other causes include smoking, pollution and allergies. You might have trouble swallowing if you have a sore throat.

If you’re faced with an urgent medical condition that requires immediate ENT assistance, online ENT doctor consultation is the first step in the right direction. Healpha has expert ENT specialists like Dr. Lakshmi Sameeri [MBBS, AP Medical Council (2008) and DNB, NTR University (2011)] with years of experience diagnosing and treating ear, nose and throat related ailments. Visit *insert website* to know more.

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