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Every community can be equipped with a Healpha digital clinic to provide 24×7 healthcare for First-aid, Emergency, Regular and Preventive care. Healpha’s state of the art connected healthcare enables accessible,affordable quality care at the communities itself. Healpha can provide multi-modal care i.e. Tele & In-person consultation. The connected devices accurate reading without manual intervention. It can enable self service as well as assisted care.

Healpha’s community care solutions have improved the health of the community, saved lives in emergency at lower costs. ePrescriptions enable pharmacy and diagnostic interface thus enabling delivery of drugs and tests.

Every resident can manage the health through the  mobile App. It has medicine reminders, Vaccination alerts, EHRs.

Healpha’s award winning COVID care helps the residents screen COVID on the App, secure the community with COVID screening and tracking.

The Need of the Hour - COVID-19 Homecare Facility

Key Features:

  • Regular Tele-Consultation by Doctors
  • Daily Tele-Monitoring by Nurses 
  • Dietitian & Physiotherapist consultation
  • COVID Initial Assessment
  • COVID Monitor
  • ePrescription & eReport
  • Easy Digital Payment Options
  • Healα Web & Mobile App enabled
  • 24×7 Helpline
Healpha Homecare


  • 24×7 & convenient consultation from Doctors
  • Digital Appointments & Multiple Payment Options
  • Digital Clinic, Telemedicine & COVID Management
  • EHR – Electronic Health Records & Reports
  • Reminders to reduce missed visits
  • Vaccine & Medication alerts to prevent sickness

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