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In times where every situation is dealt with on mobile due to rise in COVID cases, teleconsultation has become one of the top services requested by customers. At times scheduling of appointments personally can be challenging due to:
The above are some of the hassles we face while opting for a physical appointment. To avoid the above & provide the ultimate solution, Healpha has built an initiative - Teleconsultation.
This initiative came in place to bring world-class health care service to the palm of your hands. You could be travelling or tied up with your schedule - wherever and whenever - simply log-in and have access to world-class medical care. If you are limited to your home, healpha's teleconsultation can give you access to the following:
With state-of-the-art technology & infrastructure we make these tele interactions as real as possible for you. Thus, you have for yourself the best of both worlds. Tele Clinics help you overcome the challenges of distance & time. Additionally, they provide comfort & convenience - everything at the click of a button.

How Does Teleconsultation Work?

Wherever you are and at any time, you benefit from confidential video consultations with experienced practitioners specialized in many medical fields. In just a few clicks, you can receive answers to questions about your health, medical advice or an opinion or diagnosis. All practitioners are qualified, experienced, and trained to provide remote consultations. They strictly comply with the ethical and professional standards governing their practice.
With Healpha's teleconsultation, your health will become our priority & we can provide you with the best solutions, constant follow up & a healthy recovery!

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